Welcome to VibrSol

VibrSol established a decade ago and after its inception developed a name of originality, creativity and an endeavor towards perfection.


VibrSol is a emerging textile manufacturer and sourcing company with diverse range of Apparel, Home Textile and Footwear Products.


VibrSol provides the souring services apart from manufacturing to our valued clients for the items which cannot developed in-house. We take the ownership to deliver right product with right price to our customers.


VibrSol also provide the D-Branding services where our customers required to buy Off Merchandise. We bring these product to our facility and do the D-Branding and change the packaging as per the requirement.


VibrSol office and facility is located in the Faisalabad – Pakistan. Faisalabad is the hub of textile products and fourth largest city of the Pakistan.

What We Offer


We offer very fast delivery to our customers keeping in view market trend, normally our lead time is 15 days to 45 days based on the product requirement. As quickly we turnaround the delivery it’s improve the cost and help to compete with the changing market trends. “Stay Tuned”



It’s very important to remain reasonable and competitive in the market. Our focus is to offer quality product with reasonable price to our customer so they can easily compete in retail market. We have strong control over the overheads which ultimately lead us to offer competitive prices.



We understand that delivery lead time, competitive prices and other services can only be effective if the product quality is good otherwise all such services are useless. We have special focus on quality and ensure to produce quality product. We believe on Right First Time.